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avutma is the latest release by nebulo after the album kolia, two remixes for architect and hecq, and even freely available nebulo ringtones. the outstanding french artist thomas p. with this cd has created a closed opus that might be seen as a concept album in which the listener has to decide what the concept is. nebulo's subtle approach forms a complex fictitious scenery by using seemingly minimal resources that are more visible than ever. electronically treated instruments like organ and piano, combined with synth layers and modified beats generate tempers that range from surreal to melancholic or even nearly frightening. listening to 'avutma' is like walking in a dimly lit basement never knowing what's behind the next curve, and who or what is actually casting these shadows on the walls... nebulo's trademark, a connection between ambience, idm, clicks'n'cuts and post-musique-concrète collages is presented here once again. as a reviewer wrote: 'surreal dreamscapes painted with tears and sometimes even blood' - avutma might be the soundtrack of today's grand guignol.


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