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nerthus isn't a new name to audiophob as a track of this project was already on the first release from our label '-? db' (auphcd001). furthermore nerthus provided a track to spherical disrupteds remix cd 'barriere' (auphcd006). but you might also know the project from its earlier releases, for instance at art konkret and recently on polymorph records. 'urban' is the latest work of this project and we are proud to have it on our label. on the first look, the 8 tracks on this cd might be more rhythmic than nerthus' previous releases but nevertheless it still keeps the ambient mood. on your way through urban land- and soundscapes: don't forget to have a look at the artwork provided by nerthus himself.


1 urban 1
2 urban 2
3 urban 3
4 urban 4
5 urban 5
6 urban 6
7 urban 7
8 urban 8