v.a. - crom de la chrom II. bc007

v.a. - crom de la chrom II. cd

black channel records. bc007

industrial and powernoise compilation w/ mainly exclusive tracks by synapscape, morgenstern, asche, punch inc, marita schreck, polarlicht 4.1, industriepalast and more. limited to 1000 copies. packaging: dvd-case.


1 meshed skin grafts mashgraft
2 art of terror synomorph
3 da hunter punch inc.
4 maschinenkrieger kr52 maschinenkrieger kr52 vs. disraptor
5 my little green door industriepalast
6 thumbnail service synapscape
7 opernmord marita schreck
8 bad beat noisilence
9 o.f.f.e.-first move area 51 vs dynamophon
10 stasis //this:tortion
11 viewer morgenstern
12 2nd scvape asche
13 geburt einer nation cybozz
14 chronos 32!on 147!g!d
15 analog 101 polarlicht 4.1
16 die stimme 1979